Xtreme Fuel Treatment and Fuel Saver

Xtreme Fuel Treatment allows you to keep more of your hard earned money by saving you money at the pump and on repairs. With XFT, you start making money just by using the product.


Commit to Your Dreams


Reaching your dreams starts with commitment. As you set your goals and commit to achieving them, as well as follow our proven step-by-step system, you can immediately begin making your dreams a reality.


Protect the Environment


Countries all over the world have pledged to reduce emissions by as little as 15% and as high as 70% by the year 2020. With XFT reducing emissions by up to 33%, Syntek Globalcan really make an impact.

Make a Difference


Syntek Global Distributors help everyone achieve their dreams, even if that dream is to simply eat one meal a day. The Make a Difference program is fighting the pain of millions of children dying of starvation by giving them hope through donated, nutritious meals.

It is time to take a stand for the future.

It’s time to dream again, to see that you really can have the life of your dreams. It starts by taking one step forward, then another, and committing to the journey. It will take time, energy and determination, but it will be worth the effort. Partner with Syntek Global, and each step will be a step towards the dream. The products, the opportunity and the people associated with Syntek Global can propel you into the life you’ve imagined. It is never too late to take a stand. Start living your dream today.

Yes, this is for you.

Syntek Global was created to be a company for EVERYONE and is committed to providing a way for those that want to, to break out of their fear and negative thinking, and achieve their goals.

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Perfect Timing


Did you know that right now, almost 1 in 10 people are unemployed? This is not because they are untalented, uneducated, or lazy. It’s because the economy is not what it used to be, and may never be again. The days of counting on other people’s companies for success is a thing of the past, there has never been more perfect timing than now for you to start taking control of your own employment, and be your own boss.




Syntek Global’s compensation plan allows EVERYONE to reach their dream regardless of what it is. Whether you want to make an extra $200 a month to help pay the bills, replace your current income, help friends or family in need, or even attain wealth, reaching earnings of literally 10’s of thousands of dollars monthly. It’s your choice!

Green, The Way of the Future


Not only does Xtreme Fuel Treatment reduce fuel costs, but it significantly reduces emissions! So often people talk about saving the world and you don’t think anything of it because you are just one person right? Well, Syntek Global believes that each individual doing their part can solve a big problem. With XFT you can reduce your harmful pollutants and emissions by up to 33%. Just imagine if everyone in your city used XFT. The entire city could reduce emissions instantly and they would all be saving money as well!


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At Syntek Global’s 2014 International Convention they shared their goal as a company to break down barriers in people’s lives.

Beginning April 1st of 2014, they are breaking through the barrier of borders, because on that date the European Union will be open! That’s 28 countries and 28 new markets you can expand your Syntek Global business in.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.48.34 AM

28 European union countries flags

This is HUGE news! To help you understand this amazing opportunity, here is a little more information about the European Union:

•    There are over 503 million people in the EU (the 3rd largest population in the world).
•    There are nearly 300 million vehicles.
•    Average price for fuel is around $7 USD per gallon.
•    Across the EU the unemployment rate is 12%.
•    The EU has high taxes—sales tax alone is an average of 22% (compared to 6-8% paid in the U.S.).

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.48.21 AM

list of 28 European Union countries

So what does all of this mean? It means that:

When you have the solution to a BIG problem.

Then you have a GREAT opportunity!

And on April 1st you can now share that great opportunity with 28 new markets! So gear up and get ready for your business to explode!

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WARNING: Someone using the name Janicka Fox has been claiming to be a reporter, approaching Syntek Global distributors, and publishing false statements about Syntek Global over the internet. Please be aware that “Janicka Fox” is a fictitious person. The photo being used is actually Emma O’Sullivan, a reporter for Channel 10 News in Melbourne, Australia. Emma has been contacted and informed that someone has stolen her photo to set up a fake identity. Check this out:


This impostor has been sharing slanderous, fictitious news reports and videos about recent court hearings involving Syntek Global. These statements are false. The judge in the court case filed by Syntek Global has held the defendants (Denton Thiede, Christopher Nemelka, and their company) in contempt of court and has sanctioned them for making false statements similar to those posted in the name of “Janicka Fox.” The judge has entered a permanent injunction prohibiting Thiede, Nemelka, and those working with them from ever having any contact whatsoever with Syntek Global distributors, even using a fake identity like “Janicka Fox.” Syntek Global has nothing to hide. All of the court proceedings are a matter of public record for anyone to read.

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Buy XFT at Xtreme Fuel Treatment store ethanol gas treatment. Best fuel additive that increases fuel economy and reduces emissions.

Because ethanol is so corrosive and dries out certain engine parts, the EPA requires a label on the pumps to inform us what vehicles and equipment cannot use E15, so we don’t have engine fires.


It also has less energy (BTUs), dropping our fuel economy. But ethanol doesn’t seem to be going away, despite its negative impact. In fact, more ethanol has been recently added to fuel. But what can you do about it? How do you avoid the almost certain future of a broken down car when you are putting ethanol in your tank? The answer is Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Looking to buy gas treatment for ethanol?

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XFT (Xtreme Fuel Treatment) is the best fuel treatment for ethanol gas. It counteracts the effects of ethanol by providing lubrication and rust and corrosion inhibitors. Its unique organo-metallic compound provides better fuel economy, and that is just the beginning. XFT has many components (or ingredients) which make it the most comprehensive and effective fuel treatment available.

  • Detergents
  • Lubricating Agent
  • Burn Rate Modifier
  • Fuel Stabilizer
  • Polymerization
  • Retardant and Dispersants
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Demulsifier

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Ethanol attracts water, one of your engines worst enemies. A single drop of water through the fuel line could ruin your engine.

XFT contains a demulsifier which separates the water from the fuel, keeping your engine safe.

Ethanol is alcohol and is corrosive, eating away at plastic, rubber, or even metal parts.

XFT contains a rust and corrosion inhibitor to keep rust and corrosion from eating away at your engine.

Ethanol has a drying effect, which creates friction.

XFT contains a lubricant, reducing friction.

Ethanol treated fuel has a shorter shelf life than other fuels, meaning it has a tendency to separate faster.

XFT has a stabilizer that dramatically improves the shelf life of your stored fuel, making it especially valuable for seldom driven vehicles, or seasonal toys like boats and snowmobiles.

Ethanol has fewer available BTUs, or less energy that can be used, which gives you poor fuel economy.

XFT contains an organo-metalic compound that was so groundbreaking it was awarded a Nobel Prize, that enhances your vehicles ability to use the available fuel, providing improved fuel economy.

So the search is over! Xtreme Fuel Treatment is the all-in-one ethanol gas treatment for cars, lawn mowers, motorcycles, small engines and anything that uses gasoline.

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In global councils, countries and governments from all parts of the globe have given their commitment to reduce “carbon footprint” or emissions by upwards of 15% to even 70% by the year 2020. The trick here is that most of them have no idea how they will accomplish it. Lawmakers plan to put tax on carbon emissions. But most of the large industrial companies and trucking companies are not even willing to pay for what it would cost them.

“More than two dozen of the nation’s biggest corporations, including the five major oil companies, are planning their future growth on the expectation that the government will force them to pay a price for carbon pollution as a way to control global warming.”The New York Times

“Truck operators in California are complaining that several new rules issued by the state’s Air Resources Board (CARB) are either too costly or impossible to comply with, given the current engine and fuel technology.”Forbes

Well, we got a solution for these companies. Xtreme Fuel Treatment reduces emissions by up to 33% with some tests showing even better results. The good news is that you and they can generally save money (e.g. lower fuel costs) when reducing the carbon footprint.

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XFT is a simple, effective, immediate answer to this problem. And it actually costs you less to use it, than not to.

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With XFT you can do your part by reducing your carbon footprint. Product user feedback has shown over a 33% reduction in harmful pollutants! Can you imagine what could happen to the air quality in a big city if EVERYONE used this product? And how many people do you think would use it if they knew that you save substantial money just by putting it in your tank.

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AND THAT’S NOT ALL! Syntek Global also invites you to come see how you can not only save green and be green, but also how introducing these great products to others will enable you to EARN GREEN, by earning money through a dynamic business opportunity.

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be green

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is the most comprehensive, effective, and highly concentrated fuel treatment available. XFT should be added to the fuel at every fill-up based on the treatment ratio chart below.

So how to put Xtreme Fuel Treatment in the fuel tank?

It is recommended that you first put the XFT in the tank before you fill it up with fuel or gas, so the fuel will push it to the bottom of the tank and mix well with the fuel. Then follow the dosage below.

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Double Dosage:

The regular dosage is 1/4 ounce of XFT for every 20 gallons (75 liters) of fuel (gasoline or diesel). It is recommended that 2x (double) the amount of XFT be added to the fuel for the first three tanks of fuel, after which, the amounts detailed below should be used at every fill-up.

In Gallons:

In Liters:


Bottles with built-in measuring portion:

fill1           fill2

To fill the measurable portion on the bottle with the proper amount of XFT, simply loosen only the lid above the reservoir and mildly squeeze the bottle to allow the XFT to flow into the reservoir. After measuring the prescribed amount of XFT, remove the lid and pour the pre-measured contents directly into the fuel tank. The XFT will mix uniformly with the fuel in the tank.

2 oz. Bottle Extender:


This little plastic piece is custom-made to fit the 2 oz. bottle and will make it easier than ever to get every drop of XFT in the tank! Easy and simple to use! All users of the 2 oz. bottle will love it! Available Dec. 1, 2013. $3.00 USD.

1 oz. Dropper Bottle:

1oz_xft 1 oz (ounce) dropper bottle is great to use for smaller fuel tanks, like with that of the lawn mowerssnow mobilesmotorcycles etc.

1 drop of XFT treats 1 gallon (3.5 liters) of fuel. That’s the regular dosage. Again, it is recommended to double the dosage in the first three treatments, so use 2 drops of XFT for every 1 gallon of fuel. After that, just use the regular dosage which is 1 drop of XFT for every 1 gallon of fuel.

Just squeeze the bottle lightly to make a drop. Don’t squeeze it too hard, or it will squirt.

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10ml Foil Pack (sachet):


10ml foil pack of XFT with the green color pack is a single use for 20 gallons (75 liters) of fuel. Double the usage (2 packs) for the first three treatments. Just tear off the sachet and put into the fuel tank directly before filling up with gas. Be careful not to wet your hands or fingers with the XFT because it stinks a lot. If so, wash your hands right away.

5ml Foil Pack (sachet):


5ml foil pack of XFT with the yellow color pack is a single use for 10 gallons (36 liters) of fuel. Double the usage (2 packs) for the first three treatments.

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